What are the main conditions of Super Trader’s Credit Line? Is there a fee for that?


FXPro SuperTrader is no longer available.

FXPro prefers to not mention it as “Bonus”, but it is a Credit Line provided for the users of Super Trader.

There is no fees for extra conditions added by using the “Credit Multiplier”, but it will simply increase your equity and trading opportunity.

FXPro offers this “Credit Multiplier” because the broker believes underfunded account is more vulnerable to volatility and the condition increases risk exposures. So the minimum required first-deposit amount is 100,000 USD.

But the 100,000 USD is an amount which is very hard to reach for many investors, so the broker offers “Credit Multiplier” up to 4.

Main Conditions of the Credited Bonus Amount

Here are some of the main conditions of the “Credit Multiplier”.

  • The credited amount is not available for withdrawal
  • The credited amount can be used as margin for your trading
  • The credited amount cannot be lost and will not be included for calculating Stop Out %

For more information, please refer to the below page.

FXPro SuperTrader 400% Deposit Bonus -Credit Multiplier-

123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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