To where can I send MT5’s push notifications from the platform?

By activating the “Push Notification” from your trading platform, you can get informed of all successful trade operations to the specified MetaQuotes ID.

Notification of unsuccessful operations (for example, the order is rejected due to incorrect parameters) are not sent.

The push notifications can be sent to your mobile devices which are either:

  • Android Devices
  • iOS(iPhone or iPad) Devices

This built-in notification tool is available only after you install the MT5 application for above types of devices.

In this way, the notifications will be sent via the MT5 applications, but not via email or other message apps.

In order to setup the “Push Notification”, you first need to install mobile MT5 app on your phone.

Then open and sign in to your MT5 trading platform on PC, and go to “Tools”→”Options”→”Notifications”, and check the box of “Enable Push notifications”.

Then, type the MetaQuotesID(which you can get from the mobile app), and click on “Test”.


Without an EA or script, you can only send push notification of successfully executed trades, but you can also send more notifications of other situations by using EAs or scripts with “SendNotification” function.

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