The price on Market Watch and Chart are different on MT4. Why is that?


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MetaTrader4 charts show the Bid price by default. A Buy position is opened with the Ask price and closed with the Bid price. So you may need to add the spread on the Bid price to find the Ask price.

Therefore the difference in price is most likely due to the spread.

In this case you can right click in the chart and go to “properties” and check the box of “show Ask line”, then click on “ok”.

MT4 show ask lines

After that you will see two lines in the chart. The below one is the Bid price line, and the one above is the Ask price line. The difference is the spread.

Please remember that the main price you are looking at is the price where you sell, but not buy. You are always buying at a higher price and selling it at a lower price.

If you believe that the price you are looking at and the price where you order is different, that difference is probably the slippage.

Slippage occurs when there is no enough liquidity available for your order to be executed. In this case, please try following to solve:

  • Place smaller volume of trades
  • Trade major currency pairs with larger liquidity
  • Try to not trade at News times or around weekends
  • Upgrade your internet connection

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