Is HotForex a regulated & licensed FX broker? Under which financial regulation my accounts will be protected?

HotForex is an international FX brokerage firm regulated and licensed by 4 regulatory authorities. (in 2017, May)

  1. HF Markets (Europe) Ltd – CySEC in Cyprus
  2. HF Markets Ltd – FSC in the Republic of Mauritius
  3. HF Markets (SV) Ltd – IBC in St. Vincent & the Grenadine
  4. HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd – FSP in South Africa

HotForex’s main company is the one in Cyprus. Thus the service is provided from “HF Markets (Europe) Ltd” for investors in majority of countries all over the world.

But for investors in some certain countries, HotForex provides the service through other companies.

In this case, your accounts and funds will be managed and protected under different financial regulation.

Know the Company you are trading with

International brokerage firms like HotForex, make it difficult to know which company and financial license are related for investors.

To know, under which regulation and rule your investment activities will be carried, you need to refer to the company name appear when you register(open an account) with the broker as below.

If you like to find out the status of your accounts and registration, please contact HotForex support team.

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