How to uninstall and delete all the data of MT5 from my PC?

MT5 trading platform is a RAM consuming application, and also contains large amount data within. Removing unnecessary MT5 platforms from your PC might help your computer work better and smoothly.

To remove the platform from a computer, run the “Uninstall.exe” file from the platform installation folder or select “Uninstall” in the appropriate program group in the Start menu.

(Or you may follow the certain steps specified on your PC to uninstall the application.)

Delete Personal Data

At the un-installation process, you will be asked to if you like to “Delete user personal data” or not in the below screen.

If you choose to delete “user personal data”, it will delete all data of your MT5 including history charts, EAs and custom indicators. This will make it impossible to restore the information later on.

If you uncheck the box, then you can restore the information into MT5 platform by installing new MT5 platform into the same directory.

 *There is no limitations to the number of MT5 platform you can install into one PC.

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