How to transfer funds to iForex’s live trading account via bank wire?

In order to transfer your funds to iForex’s trading platform, please login to iForex’s official website, then go to “Deposit”→”Offline International Bank Transfer” as below.

You may deposit funds to your account using a bank wire transfer to a local or international bank account.

In the next screen, please fill in the details below and click “Continue”.

Then, a new window will pop up containing a form with the complete wire instructions required for the transfer.

To successfully complete your transaction, you must make sure your bank official includes the above Payment Reference number. This number should be used only once.

To complete your transfer correctly…

iForex kindly asks you to enter your name, and account number of iFOREX in the comment box.

Upon executing the bank wire deposit through your bank, you may fax the form to +30-210-374-2556. Alternatively, you may submit this copy as scanned image (JPG,DOC or PDF) by Email to iForex.

We recommend that you print the generated form which will assist you in completing the wire transfer process.

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