How to transfer funds between accounts directly on MT5 platform?

If you know the account credentials and have enough free margin to transfer, you can also transfer funds from a MT5 account to another directly on MT5 trading platform.

But to perform this internal transfer operation, the option has been enabled already by the trading server.

If your Forex broker allows you to transfer funds between account on MT5 platform directly, please go to the “Navigator” window.

Then, right click on the account number you like to transfer funds from, and select “Transfer Funds”. Then you may fill in the required field and click “OK”.

*The accounts you transfer funds from/to need to be on the same trading server, registered under the same name and email address and the base currency needs to be the same.

It is actually very difficult to find a Forex broker which allows you transferring funds on the trading platform directly.

If the MT5’s internal transfer option isn’t enable for your trading server, then you may use your Forex broker’s client portal or request directly to customer support desk.

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