How to stop receiving messages/promotions from OKPAY? Any notification settings?

All types of messages from OKPAY, you can choose to(or not to) receive as you want.

To change the setting, please login to OKPAY’s client portal and go to “Notification Settings” as below.

In the next page, you can change the notification setting of following types of message.

  1. Account Updates – Updates concerning changes in your name, address, email, password, bank information, etc.
  2. Support Updates – Notifications concerning your support request status, new replies from the OKPAY Support Team, etc.
  3. Incoming Payments – Receive notifications about incoming money transfers.
  4. Outgoing Payments – Receive notifications about outgoing money transfers.
  5. News – Receive newsletters and updates on the service.
  6. Partners Marketing – Receive OKPAY partners deals and special offers.
  7. Policy Updates – Get important updates in a timely manner.
  8. Development – Receive development information and learn about OKPAY API.
  9. Customer Surveys – Receive OKPAY experience surveys.

If you wish to close your OKPAY account, you can choose to do so after withdrawing all funds from your account.

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