How to show spreads of symbols on MT5 trading platform from the “Market Watch” window?

You can calculate the spread of each symbol on MT5 by just comparing the bid and ask prices though, you can also show the “Spread” column in the “Market Watch” window, so you can see the “Spread” by numbers clearly in real-time.

To show the “Spread” column on MT5, right click in the “Market Watch” window and select “Columns” – “Spread” as below.

Then the “Spread” column appears as being added in the “Market Watch” window.

The spreads are displayed in “points”, so if it shows “10” what means the current spread is 1 pip.

For your information if the spread is 1 pip, that is worth of $10 of trading cost per 1 standard lot of transactions. (round turn)

MetaTrader5 trading platform also has “Depth of Market” board available, where you can see the amount of available market liquidity at each specific market price. In there, you can see the “real” spread for your trading volume.

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