How to show bid/ask price in FBS MT4 chart?

When you trade Forex & CFDs, there is always a spread between bid/ask prices.

Bid is the price when you sell, and the ask is the price when you buy.

You may want to make sure that you know where is the bid and ask lines, as it may affect your trading result directly.

How to show up the ASK(buy) price

MT4 chart shows BID(sell) line by default.

So you wouldn’t know the ask price by looking at the MT4 chart.

bid line

Please follow the instruction below to show Ask line in MT4 chart.

1. Right click in the chart and select “Properties”

Please make sure that you have already logged into the chart.

*You can also type “F8” on the chart, and the property screen will pop up.

MT4 Properties

2. Check the “Show Ask line” box and click “ok”

The changed setting will only be applied on the chart you have selected.

SnapCrab_Properties of EURNOKM1_2016-3-17_21-18-40_No-00

3. The ASK line is appeared

The red line above the white line is the ASK line.

ask bid line

Variable Spread

FBS offers variable spread with Cent, Standard and Unlimited account.

In case of variable spreads, the difference between the ask and bid line can get wider in certain situations.

The certain situations would be:

  • Important economic data release
  • News time
  • Weekends etc

You may want to check the spread before placing orders.

*FBS offers fixed spread for Micro and Zero spread account.

Perfectly hedged positions

As FBS offers fixed spread trading environment, you are able to place orders which are perfectly hedged, but you can not in the variable spread accounts.

Sometimes Stop Out occurs even you have hedged positions. As spreads go wider, more margins required for hedged positions.

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