How to show available financial symbols in the Market watch in FBS MT4?

When you first time log in to FBS MT4, sometimes it shows only a few financial instruments in the Market Watch as below.

FBS MT4 Market Watch

In this case, please right-click in the “Market Watch” window and choose “Show All” option in the opened menu.

FBS MT4 show all

And all the available symbols will be appeared in the list.

FBS MT4 Market Watch show all

MT4 from other brokers

If you have logged into your FBS trading account in the MT4 provided by other brokers by not FBS.

Sometimes you are not able to see available symbols in the Market Watch as it may be customized specifically for the broker.

FBS offers MT4 windows with FBS logo on it, and other platforms are from official MT4 from MetaQuotes.

You can download the official MT4 from MetaQuotes and login to all trading accounts by FBS and other brokers.

Account type difference

FBS offers different spread and trading conditions for each account. Also, FBS Micro and Zero spread accounts offer fixed spread.

If you log into your several FBS trading account, make sure that you do the same process(selecting show all in the market watch).

As if you switch account one another, symbols displayed in the Market Watch may be confused and you could be looking at the symbols for different accounts.

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