How to setup an alert sound for certain events on MT5 trading platform?

Setting up a “sound alert” on MT5 trading platform is quite easy comparing to setup email notifications.

To do that, please go to “Tools”→”Options”→”Events” on MT5 trading platform, then you will see the following list of events.

By double clicking on the event name in the event column, you can choose whether you want to hear the alert sound or not.

You can also change the sound by double clicking on the name of sound files.


Although you are free to choose whether you want to hear the alert or not and sound files, there are only 10 types of events for sound alert notifications.

  • Connect – when the trading server is successfully connected
  • Disconnect – when the trading server gets disconnected from your MT5
  • Email Notify – when an email is received on MT5 platform
  • Timeout – a certain time range is given for performing trade operations. If this range has been exceeded for some reason, the operation will not be performed, and the alert will trigger
  • Ok – when a trade is successfully executed
  • News – when a newletter is received on MT5 platform
  • Expert Advisor – when a trade is executed by Expert Advisers
  • Alert – Alert() function executed by an Expert Advisor
  • Re-quote – alert of a price changed (requote) at the attempt to perform a trade operation
  • Trailing Stop – when your trailing stop has been triggered

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