How to setup an alarm/alert notification on MT5 for certain market event?

You can setup an alert(alarm) notification which triggers at certain market events.

In MT5, please go to “ToolBox” and “Alerts”, then right click in the field and select “Create”.

After that, the below pop up window will show up.

In there, you can setup  different types of alarm notification.

Sound — This option will play a sound file(any sound files you have selected). This won’t send any messages or email.
File — This option will run an executable file which contains programs to take action accordingly.
Email — This option will send an email at the address specified in the platform settings.
Notification — This will send a push notification to a mobile device. To enable push notifications, you need to have you MetaQuotes ID and the MT5 installed in your mobile device. The message text will be specified in the “Source” tab.

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