How to setup a VPS connection for my XM MT4 platform?

First, if you haven’t requested for your VPS(Virtual Private Server), please go to XM’s client portal and request for it as below.

After XM’s approval on your request, you will receive an ID and Password for your VPS account.

Now follow the steps below to setup VPS on Windows PC.

How to setup VPS on Windows

Click the Start button and type “Remote Desktop Connection” in the dialog box. Once you see the result click on the option for remote desktop connection.

Then, type the user name and Password in the required fields.

Now, simply type in the XM VPS IP address that you have been provided with on the Remote Desktop Connection window and click the “Connect” button.

On connecting for the first time, you may receive a security prompt where you will need to confirm that you wish to connect despite any standard warnings.

Now the VPS window pops up and you can access to the Server through the window.

You just need to setup your MT4 account in there and run your EA.

You couldn’t complete the setup process? Contact XM’s support team for more information.

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