How to see/manage open positions and pending orders on MT5 platform?

You can see the price where you have opened the current existing open positions and pening orders by referring to each price chart though, you can also manage all existing positions and orders by using the “trade” tab in “tool box” window.

To show the “tool box” window, please go to “View” – “Toolbox” as below.

Then you will see the below window appeared at the bottom of MT5 platform. (Toolbox window is always opened by default.)

In the “Trade” tab, you can see all existing open positions above the account details in the middle.

The positions below the account details are the pending orders which are waiting to be executed when the market price reaches to the certain level.

In the above example, there are “eurusd” and”gbpjpy” open positions, and “eurusd” pending order.

If you like modify or delete the order settings, then you may right click on the order or simply click on the “×” to delete on the right hand side of each order.

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