How to make a money transfer(deposit) from Skrill to FXPrimus MT4?

In order to make a deposit from Skrill to FXPrimus MT4, please follow the instructions below.

1. Login to FXPrimus’s Client Portal and proceed to “E-Wallet”→”Skrill”.

2. Enter deposit amount (minimum amount is USD100 or currency equivalent).

3. Click “Preview” to review deposit details.
4. If correct, click “Confirm” and you will be directed to the Skrill page.
5. Click on “Proceed” To Skrill Login and you will be redirected to Skrill login page.
6. Enter your Skrill account password and click “Login”
7. Click “Pay” and your transaction is either approved or rejected.
8. Please do not close the browser window when you are being re-directed to FXPrimus page from Skrill page.
9. Please make sure there is sufficient fund in the Skrill account before the transaction is being made.

NOTE: FXPRIMUS cannot accept payment from third parties. The transaction must be made in the Fxprimus account holder(s) name. Any 3rd party transactions will be refunded, less fees.

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