How to make a deposit to FXPrimus via Bank Wire Transfer? Any conditions?

In order to make a deposit to FXPrimus MT4 via Bank Wire Transfer, please login to FXPrimus’s client portal first and then go to “Fund Account” section as below.


Now, select the currency in which your MT4 Platform is currently denominated to show more details.

You may note the Bank Account Details there and proceed to make a deposit from your bank.

Swift Code needed

If your bank required a SWIFT code that is more than 8 digits please insert X’s at the end of FXPRIMUS’s Swift code. The number of X’s needed, will depend on no. of digits (for SWIFT) the bank asks for, over and above the 8 digits currently found in the SWIFT.

For example, If your bank requires the SWIFT code to be 11 digits/characters, then you should enter “HEBACY2NXXX” as the SWIFT code.

4 Things to be aware of

  1. FXPrimus cannot accept payment from third parties. Your bank wire transfer must be made from an account with the same name as the account holder’s name on your FXPrimus account.
  2. Any charges, fees, or penalties as a result of a failed, returned, or refunded third party transaction will be the responsibility of the sender. FXPRIMUS will not be held liable for any of the previously stated charges. By proceeding with a transaction to FXPRIMUS you agree to these terms and conditions.
  3. Please instruct your banker to include your User ID in Field 70 of the Beneficiary Information section of your wire transfer instructions. This will insure that your funds are deposited into your account in a timely manner.
  4. If you have any questions regarding which IBAN number to use, please ask your bank which form of the IBAN they prefer.

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