How to make a deposit to easyMarkets MT4 via WebMoney account?

In order to make a money transfer from your WebMoney account to easyMarkets, please login to “easyMarkets’s client portal” then proceed to “My Funds”→”webmoney” as below.

*Please upload a copy of your Photo ID and Proof of Residency via the upload document page.

In order to deposit to your easyMarkets account via WebMoney simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your WebMoney account.
  2. Fund your WebMoney account.
  3. Click the appropriate purse that you wish to transfer funds from.
  4. Enter the WebMoney purse number, the amount you wish to deposit and press submit.

Please make sure that the WebMoney email address from which you are sending money is under your own name, otherwise funds will be returned back. Your name and email address of your WebMoney account must be the same as the easyMarkets account.

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