How to make a Bank Wire Transfer to FXPro’s live trading account?

1. In order to make a deposit to FXPro via Bank Wire Transfer, please login to the client portal and go to “Deposit Funds”→”Bank Transfers” as below.

2. In the next page, please fill in all the appropriate fields in English.

3. Once you have filled in the required data, you will receive a Bank transfer form by email. You can take the form to your banking institution to initiate your transfer.

*Please check your email inbox where you will find a ‘Wire Transfer Form’ which contains all the details your bank will require in order to send funds to your FxPro Trading Account.

Making a Wire Transfer

Your FxPro Account will be credited with the net amount received in FXPro’s bank account. The net amount is the initial amount of your transfer minus any bank charges; FXPro does not charge any fees for bank transfer.

Recommended Deposit is $500 USD or the equivalent amount in an alternative currency.

Bank Transfer: 3-5 working days approx., depending on your bank
All other payment methods: 10 minutes approx.

Note: If client’s account name is different than the Beneficiary name above then deposits will be made available to trading accounts only in case of approved & authorized documents.

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