How to internally transfer funds in FBS accounts?

You can transfer funds internally in FBS Personal Area by yourself.

You will just need to careful with the margin requirements in the accounts and T&C of bonus promotion so you won’t lose your funds unnecessarily.

To do the internal transfer in FBS trading accounts, please follow the instruction below.

1. Login to your Personal Area

You can login to the FBS’s Personal Area from the official website.

*You will need to put the email address registered and the password you have setup with FBS.

FBS Members Area

2. Go to “Financial Operations”⇒”Internal Transfer”

FBS Personal Area internal transfer

3. Select accounts and amounts you want to transfer, and click “Confirm Funds withdrawal”

FBS internal transfer details

4. Confirm the internal transfer details again, and click “OK”

Please make sure that you have enough margin to support all your open positions in the account sending money from.

It is your responsibility to manage your accounts and positions.

Also, if you have joined any promotions, you need to know the conditions as sometimes “Internal transfer” may cancel the bonus amount.

Please read carefully the T&C provided by FBS in this case.

5. Internal transfer is done instantly

The transfer should be done instantly by the system.

Transferring funds to third parties

You can not transfer funds to third parties just like other brokers.

Even the accounts are by your family or your corporate account if the account is under different name, you can not transfer funds internally.

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