How to install FBS MT4 for iOS devices(iPhone, iPad)

MT4 for iOS devices are common for almost all brokers. So you can install the official MT4 on iTunes to start trading.

Please follow the instruction to install FBS MT4:

1. Go to FBS’s official website


2. Go to “Trade”⇒”Trading Platform”

FBS Trading platforms

3. Select MT4 iOS

FBS offers MT4 trading platform for 3 different devices which are:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android

FBS MT4 installation

4. Go to iTunes store and install the app in your device

You need to install the official MT4 trading platform, so the app you install here can be used for any other brokers(which offers MT4).

MT4 for iOS

*FBS does not offer MT4 for MAC PC. You may need to use MT4 Web or other devices in this case.

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