How to get SSL certificate on MT5 mobile version? Can I copy it?

If your trading server is protected with extra authentication “SSL certificate”, then you can login to your account not perform any trading activities without the certificate within the hard disk.

For mobile version of MT5, you need to import the SSL certificate from desktop version of MT5.

To import the certificate, you can:

  • Use iTunes to directly import for iPhone or iPad
  • Simply copy the file for Android

Alternatively, you can also import the “SSL Certificate” using the secure line of MetaTrader5.

Import SSL certificate from MT5 Desktop to Mobile Version

To import the SSL certificate to mobile version of MT5, you need the desktop version of MT5 with the certificate in the hard disk. The SSL certificate will be automatically installed to your hard disk, at the first login to your MT5 trading account.

After that, please go to “Navigator” and right click on the account number, then select “Transfer SSL certificate to mobile device”.

Specify the master password of the account to confirm that it belongs to you. Next, set the password to be used to protect the certificate before sending it to the server or use an automatically generated random password.

After successfully sending the certificate to the server, open the mobile platform and connect to the account. You will be immediately offered to import the certificate.

Agree and enter the password you have set during the transfer. You can view the certificate in “About” – “Certificates”.

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