How to connect my Facebook, twitter account to FBS?

If you have Facebook or twitter accounts, you can connect it to FBS and refer your friends or get extra bonus from FBS.

To connect your social network account, please follow the instruction below.

1. Login to your FBS Personal Area

You will need your registered email address and the password you have set when you have opened an account with FBS to login to your Personal Area.

FBS Members Area

2. Go to “Profile Settings”

You can find the drop-down menu right next to your name registered with FBS after you logged in.

FBS Profile Settings

3. Check out the “Social Network Profiles” and log in to your SNS account

You will need to log in to your SNS account to connect with FBS’s Personal Area.

FBS social network profile

No fake account with FBS

If you are receiving any bonuses or joining any promotions by connecting your SNS profile to Personal Area, you cannot use fake profile you just made up.

You may need to have friends and photos and everything to prove that your profile is not a fake one in this case.

For further information, please read carefully the T&M provided by FBS.

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