How to check the MT5’s SSL certificate information on my platform?

In order to see the certificate information saved in your hard disk, you need to login to your MT5 trading account in the extended authentication mode.

Then, go to “Tools” – “Options” – “Server” – “Certificate”. By following this step, you can see the below window with certificate information.

  • Issued to — the account number and certificate holder name.
  • Issued by — the name of the company that issued the certificate.
  • Valid from — certificate validity period.

The information of the certificate only indicates the above information, but the information itself cannot be used as login credentials or access to the specified servers.

If you like to copy the SSL certificate from your MT5 desktop, you may simply copy the “certificate” folder.

The certificate is saved as a PFX file in /platform_folder/config/certificates.

By copying the folder to another MT5, you can login to your account from other MT5 or computers.

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