How to change the language setting in FBS MT4?

The language settings for MT4 is common for every broker.

To change the language in MT4:

1. Go to “View”⇒”Languages” and select preferred language

MT4 language setting

2. Click “Restart”

MT4 is going to restart itself and adopt the new language.

*If you don’t restart from the MT4, the language will not be changed until you restart the MT4.

MT4 restart

Language error in MT4

If you change the MT4 language to the one which your PC is not compatible with yet, the MT4 may display some unreadable characters in the screen like below.

FBS MT4 language error

The problem in this case is not the MT4 but the PC setting, so you may need to look into the language setting of your PC and adopt as you need.

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