How to change OKPAY’s payment preferences such a accepted Countries and Commission charges?

With OKPAY, you can customize the way of receiving payments by selecting the most appropriate settings and restrictions.

To setup your preferences, please go to “Set Wallet Properties” as below.

Then, proceed to “Payment Preferences” or “Payment Methods”.

In the “Payment Preferences” section, there are 3 things you can customize.

  1. Whether your customers to be able to send you funds through OKPAY’s “Send Money” feature.
  2. Who is going to pay a commission when buyer makes a purchase via the payment link.
  3. Countries you do not wish to accept payments from. (Countries blocked: 0, countries allowed: 249.)

In the “Payment Methods” section, you can change the Accepted Payment Methods.

In there, you can see the payment instruments currently available in OKPAY (payment options that can be used by your customers).

Please keep in mind that the availability of certain payment options is limited to particular business types depending on specific rules of the corresponding payment system.

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