How to cancel orders executed by “One Click Trading” board on MT5 platform?

If an order is already sent to the trading servers and has been executed, you cannot cancel such orders anymore, unless the order has been rejected or received re-quote for some reason.

When you use an “One Click Trading” board, you should be careful with it because you can mistakenly send orders by accidentally clicking on the board somewhere.

After activating(agreeing to the T&Cto activate) the “One Click Trading” board, you are recommended to take off the board from screen or disable it from MT5 if you don’t need to use the board anymore.

Even if the accidental order has caused a huge loss to your trading account, neither your Forex broker or the liquidity provider can cancel the orders.

If you like to disable the function of “One Click Trading”, please go to “Tools” – “Options” – “Trade”, and recheck the “One Click Trading” box.

By disabling this option, it will show the standard “new order” window to trade when you click an order button on “One Click Trading” board.

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