How to add/enable One-Click trading option on MT5 trading platform?

On MT5 trading platform, you do not need to add EA script or other plugins to use the basic “One-Click Trading” tool.

*If you prefer some advanced “one-click trading” tool provided from third parties, you may follow the instruction provided from them.

To directly add the “One-Click Trading” tool on the MT5 price chart, you need to select the chart(left click on the chart) and type “Alt + t” together.

Then the basic “One-Click Trading” panel will appear.


Alternatively, you can add the “One-Click Trading” feature on the platform itself by changing the setting of your platform as follows.

Go to “Tools”→”Options”→”Trade”, then check the box of “One Click Trading”.

“One-Click Trading” feature will be added after agreeing the terms and conditions.


In this way, the feature will be added to the four parts of the trading platform.

  • In the Trading tab in Market Watch
  • In the quick trading panel on the chart
  • In the Trade tab in the Toolbox window
  • In the Depth of Market window

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