How old it can be to process refund/cancellation of credit/debit card payment?

If you have funded your account using a credit/debit card and you request for a withdrawal within 90 days of your initial deposit, then the withdrawal can be made back to the same card originally used to deposit funds.

If your withdrawal request is over 90 days from your original deposit, then FBS will have to return funds back to your bank account.

Please note that FBS can only refund up to the original amount of funds deposited back to the same credit/debit card.

e.g. If you deposit $10,000, and make $20, 000, you will only be able to withdraw the initial $10,000 back to your registered card. Where the withdrawal is for an amount in excess of the original deposit, then the excess amount will need to be paid using an alternative withdrawal method (i.e. wire transfer to bank account).

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