How much is the cost & How long it takes for a Bank Wire Transfer to BVI?

Here is the main conditions of “Bank Wire Transfer” deposit to IFC Markets’s bank account in BVI.

  • Processing time: normally takes from 2 to 3 bank working days.
  • Deposit fee: Your bank’s fee, normally around $30 / €30 / ¥3000 per transfer.
  • Minimum deposit amount: $100 / €100 / ¥10.000.
  • Appropriate withdrawal method: Wire Transfer.

If you like to make a deposit to IFC Markets via Bank Wire Transfer, please login to the Client Portal and go to “Accounts”→”Deposits” as below. Then you may select “Bank Transfer” as your preferred deposit method.

5 Points to note before making deposit

  1. Please quote your trading account number with IFCMARKETS. CORP. and the trading account holder’s full name.
  2. Payments from third parties are not accepted. The name of the sender must match the name on your trading account.
  3. Clients’ trading accounts are in US Dollars, Euros or Japanese Yens. When receiving money in other currency, it is converted into account balance currency according to the company’s bank rates. You may be charged a fee for the conversion.
  4. The sending bank or correspondent bank may deduct a fee for processing a wire transfer. IFCMARKETS. CORP. does not apply any fees.
  5. Transfer of money to the trading account is made within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the funds. The Client accepts that the funds shall be deposited in his trading account only if the Company is satisfied that the funds have been sent by a bank account the beneficial owner of which is the Client. Please save your bank wire confirmation so we can check all details if necessary.

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