How can I setup more security for my Perfect Money account?

Watching account security is the best way to stay secure.

Set the security level which will enable you to feel secure. With ePayments, you can choose the options as below.

1. Identity Check

When Logging in from different IP address, Perfect Money sends you e-mail with confirmation code.

2. SMS Login

If enabled, when you log in a Short Message will be sent to your Mobile/Cell phone number.
*SMS-sending is a paid operation and it costs 0.1 USD.

3. Code Card

Having enabled this option you should enter a number from your Code Card when you send or withdraw funds.

4. API (Automated Program Interface)

Do not turn on API at your account if you have received a request to enable API from 3rd parties. Failure to comply with this recommendation may in your account security being compromised. Enable API Interface for your account.

Change Security Settings

In order to change the security settings for your account, please login to your ePayments account and go to “Modify Settings” of “Current Account security settings” as below.

Then, go to “Change Security Settings”.

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