How can I install several MT5 trading platform in my PC?

You can install MT5 trading platform as many as you want, on your PC. There are mainly 2 ways to install several MT5 trading platform on your PC.

Install MT5 from different Forex brokers

If you have trading accounts with several different MT5 Forex brokers, then you can simply install MT5 platform of each Forex broker.

Just follow the step of MT5 installation, then you should have MT5 of each Forex broker, without MT5 data overwriting on others.

Install to different folders

When you install MT5 trading platform, you can specify the folder where you like to save the program.

Screenshot from MT5 help page

Unless you are installing MT5 from another Forex broker, if you install another MT5 program to the same folder which you already have existing MT5 program, the program data will just overwrite on the existing program.

And you will eventually have only one MT5 program on your PC.

So if you like several MT5 trading platform on your PC, you need to choose a different folder than the previous one to save the program at the installation process above.

As long as there is a space for the program on your PC, you can install MT5 programs as many as you want.

Login to several trading accounts on one MT5

For your information, if you like to login to multiple trading accounts to manage them all, you can still login to your unlimited number of trading accounts on one MT5 trading platform.

To do that, you may simply login to your trading account on MT5.

All trading accounts logged in will be registered on your MT5, and you can switch from one another by just clicking the account numbers.

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