How can I give a loan(lend money) to other Perfect Money users?

In order to “give a loan” to other users of Perfect Money, please proceed to “Deposit” and “Credit Exchange” as below.

Then, go to “Give a Loan” section as below.

If you would like to earn some money, you can create a loan offer here. If your offer is accepted by a potential borrower, who agrees to the terms specified by you, you will be able to lend your money.

After you create your offer, the money you want to lend will be deducted from your account and transferred to the Credit Exchange account.

Please complete all the fields of your request. If you want to send your request to a particular user (Agent), not to the public listing, specify the account number or pick an agent from your list of agents in the ‘To agent’ field.

In order to keep your transactions safe, you can set the acceptable TS (Trust Score) range. If you specify the TS range, only those with the score not lower than the one you have specified will be able to make deals with you.

If you want your deals with the borrowers to be made automatically upon acceptance of your terms, then adjust the settings of your status to ‘Automatic’. If you prefer to review the agent who responded to your offer to borrow before you make the deal, then set your status to ‘Manual’.

*Please select ‘Enable partial loan’ option if you would like to enable users to borrow smaller sum than the amount of loan you have offered. Once ‘Enable partial loan’ option is selected, please specify the minimal amount in a currency of the offered loan.

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