How can I exchange currency(and gold) to others with Perfect Money?

Exchange your existing currency in a few seconds. Perfect Money provides you with rates for cross exchange below.

To make an exchange, enter the amount you would like to convert into another currency, choose the direction of your interest and preview your exchange by pressing the “Preview” button.

You can exchange your currency to other currency or Gold as below.

  • EUR/Gold Troy oz.
  • USD/Gold Troy oz.
  • Gold Troy oz./USD
  • Gold Troy oz./EUR

In order to exchange your currency, please login to Perfect Money’s client portal and go to “Currency Exchange” as below.

Minimum amount for exchange is 1 USD or EUR in currency, and 10 USD in gold equivalent.

Tools for Exchanging currency

Working with finances becomes more effective if you use analytical tools.

Set up Market Alerts to come directly to your email or cell phone.

Section Exchange Analytics allows you to test your cash flows for profitability, currency exchange directions and to use them to track the profitability of some exchange operation online.

Also visit Financial Headlines to be informed about latest market & economic news and analysis.

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