How can I change the Leverage of my JustForex MT4 account to 1:3000?

In order to change the leverage of Justforex MT4 account, please login to JustForex’s client portal and then go to “Leverage” section as below.

Before changing the leverage make sure that there are no open orders on the account or in case you have open orders, make sure that you have enough funds to support margin requirements.

The change of the leverage causes the changes in the margin requirements for the open orders and in case of insufficient amount of equity may cause stop out.

Leverage Conditions

The maximum leverage is limited depending on your Account Type and Account Balance.

Please refer to the below table.

Balance Classic NDD, ECN
0-500 up to 1:2000 up to 1:500
500-1000 up to 1:1000 up to 1:500
1000-5000 up to 1:500 up to 1:200
5000-10000 up to 1:200 up to 1:200
10000-and higher up to 1:100 up to 1:100

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