Does a MT5 price chart show all bars in it? From the whole history of price quotes of my broker?

No, each price chart shows only 100,000 bars by default.

This limitation is set by default setting of each MT5 trading platform, but you can change the setting and increase limitation of the maximum number of bars in one chart.

You can set the number of bars from 5000 to unlimited numbers.

The history of price charts and all bars should be saved in the hard disk drive in your PC and available at anytime depending on your limitation setting.

In order to change the maximum number of bars in one chart of your MT5, please go to “Tools”→”Options”→”Charts”, and change the number of “Max bars in chart” and click “OK”.


There is a limitation to the number of bars in one chart because the large amount of data consumes CPU load and free RAM very quickly.

If you believe that your MT5 is too heavy program for your PC, then you can reduce the number of bars to possibly resolve your problem.

*Number of bars available in chart, does not affect the functionality of technical indicators or EAs(expert advisers), as trading programs on MT5 trading platform works based on the data saved in the hard disk drive but not only from the price charts.

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