Did XM change the leverage to 1:500? Why the website shows the leverage is up to 1:500?

XM’s maximum Leverage is 1:888.

Although the leverage is available for many areas of traders, some traders cannot benefit from the high leverage depends on the country they reside in.

As an example, one of XM’s website which is operated by “Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited” shows that the maximum leverage available is only 1:500.

It is due to regulatory reason, as the XM UK is regulated and licensed by UK FCA.

Thus, the traders who register under the XM entity from UK, can have maximum leverage of only 1:500, but not 1:888.

XM group has many companies all over the world such as in England and Wales, Seychelles, Cyprus and Australia.

Please note that each entity is regulated by different financial authority, and may have different service conditions for traders.

For the difference of each entity, you may inquire to XM support team for more information.

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