Can I send email alert/notifications from MT5 to my email without SMTP server?

No, unfortunately you cannot send email notification to your email address from MT5 without “SMTP Server” and an EA(or script) on the platform.

SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”, and it is basically a computer which receives and sends emails. It is also used as a basic “email sending” protocol used for TCP/IP network.

SMTP exists per domain(which is after the “@” of email addresses).

The sender(in this case the “MT5 trading platform”) will need to access your SMTP server where the domain is managed, and then finally the MT5 platform can send emails.

Then the server will check the receiver’s email address and send to the domain which manages the emails.

As MT5 is only a trading platform, the program doesn’t have its domain or an email address to send the notifications to your email. Thus, it is necessarily for you to prepare a SMTP server to enable this email notification option on MT5.


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