Are CentroFX’s Bonus Promotions withdrawable? What are the conditions?


Please note that Hercules Finance is no longer introducing "CentroFX" due to regulatory reasons.

CentroFX offers several bonus promotions in 2016 though, these have different conditions and you are strongly recommended to read the Terms and Conditions by CentroFX before start joining them.

You can find all current bonus promotions in the page here.

Withdrawable CashBack Bonus Promotion

The bonus amount received by the CentroFX’s 3 USD cash back promotion is fully withdrawable.

You can withdraw your funds during the promotion period, and the Cash Back amount is available for both trading and withdrawal after it’s credited into your trading account.

Up to 2,000 USD is all yours by meeting its bonus requirements.

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“Half-Withdrawable” CentroFX Deposit Bonus Promotion

In case you have received a Deposit Bonus with CentroFX, you may not be able to withdraw the full profits amount generated in the relevant account.

So what is the benefit of receiving the bonus with such a condition? The main advantage of CentroFX’s deposit bonuses are, the bonus amount is available as margin for your trading.

Unlike some other Forex brokers not allowing traders to use the bonus amount for margins, CentroFX actually credit the whole bonus amount into he trading account.

But you need to be aware of that if you request for profit withdrawals in the relevant account, you need to give away a part of the profits according to the percentage of the bonus in the account.

An example of calculation is as follows:

You Deposit: 5000 USD

The Bonus amount is: 1500 USD

Account Equity: 6500 USD

Profit Amount: 6500 USD

Account Equity: 13000 USD

The profit which CentroFX will remove = (13000 USD / 6500 USD) * 1500 USD = 3000

As it is clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions provided by CentroFX, please do not get surprised when you request for a withdrawal.

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