Added EA on chart, by it doesn’t start working on MT5 trading platform. Why is that?

If you have successfully added the EAs on your MT5 trading platform and have enabled it in the “Expert Advisers”, and your EA isn’t still working, you may have forgotten to enable the EA for the entire trading platform.

In this case, please go to “Tools”→”Options”→”Expert Advisers”. Then check the box of “Allow automated trading”.


By checking the box in this setting window, it will enable and allow all EAs on the trading platform to start working. By unchecking it, you can also immediately stop working all EAs on your MT5.

Please note that if the individual setting of a Expert Adviser, is to not “Allow Automated Trading”, then the above setting won’t make EAs working even if it’s checked.

To enable EAs, you also need to make sure that the below “Allow Automated Trading” box is checked, when you add the EA on a price chart.


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