A time lag on MT5’s trailing stop order. Why is it late to response?

A Trailing Stop order on MT5 trading platform cannot occur more than 1 time every 10 seconds.

It is the platform restriction, and you can not change this setting for your trading account.

You may also note that “Trailing Stop” orders are executed from trading platform’s side but not on your broker’s side. Thus, your trading device and platform’s processing speed will also directly affect the execution speed.

Trailing Stop order is very useful in order to maximize profits within a market trend, but there are also rules/conditions that you should be aware of.

  • “10 Points” equals to “1 pip” in MT5 chart
  • Trailing Stop order doesn’t work if the account is disconnected or the platform is closed
  • For each position, only one trailing stop order can be set
  • Trailing Stop order will not be triggered in case the market price moves against the favor of your position before the market price reaching to the level you have specified

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