Expected UK Inflation figures & Unemployment numbers this week!

November 13, 2017

GBP: Inflation and unemployment data to set the course.

Expected UK Inflation figures & Unemployment numbers this week!

This article is originally referred from Orbex Market Preview

A busy week from the UK will see the fresh inflation figures and unemployment numbers from the UK.

Starting off on a quiet note on Monday, the pace of economic data picks up steam on Tuesday as the consumer price data for October will be released.

According to the economists polled, the UK’s inflation rate is expected to accelerate even further to 3.2% during the month. This is higher than the 3.0% increase in the annual inflation rate in the previous month.

On a monthly basis, consumer prices are expected to rise 0.2%, slightly slower than the 0.3% increase seen previously.

Core CPI in the UK is expected to accelerate 2.9% in October, up from 2.7% previously. However, forecasts show that inflation could ease in the coming months as PPI input is expected to slow by half, rising just 4.6%, down from the 8.4% increase seen the month before.

On Wednesday, the unemployment data is expected to show the unemployment rate being unchanged at 4.3%. Average wages are expected to rise 2.2% including bonuses, which once again could show that wages continue to rise slower than inflation.

Original Source: Orbex Market Preview

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