“Exclusive” XM 100% Bonus on Every Deposit

October 14, 2016

XM, an online Forex and CFD broker based in Cyprus, is now running 100% Deposit Bonus Promotion.

“Exclusive” XM 100% Bonus on Every Deposit

XM with over 7 years of excellence and more than 500,000 clients, is willing to offer 100% Deposit Bonus to all its existing and new clients.

The 100% Deposit Bonus will be provided to every deposit up to 500 USD. For the deposit amount exceeded the 500 USD will be applicable for 20% bonus for further deposit.

The bonus amount itself is not available for withdrawable, but the bonus can be used for your margin and the profits generated on the bonus is withdrawable.

For more information of the bonus promotion, please refer to the page below.

XM $30 No-Deposit Bonus & 100% Deposit Bonus

Why XM is one of the most Popular Brokers?

There are many reasons of why choosing XM as your Forex broker though, let us point out some of the main advantages:

Leverage up to 1:888

The average leverage among online Forex brokers in the world is around 1:300 – 1:500.

But XM is capable of offering up to 1:888 Leverage.

Even with the 1:888 of high leverage, XM applies NBP(Negative Balance Protection) to all its trading accounts, so Traders of XM are not responsible for the exceeded losses in their accounts.

It is possible simply because XM’s risk management team is well functional and they keep a fine balance to take care of their trading accounts.

A number of Bonus Promotions

XM’s bonus promotion is not just only the 100% Deposit Bonus above.

But XM is also running following promotions:

  • 30 USD No Deposit Bonus Promotion
  • Free VPS(Virtual Private Server)
  • Loyalty Points for traders
  • Forex Demo Trading Contests

These are all available for all traders of XM.

Along with the 100% Deposit Bonus, you may want to look through them all before start trading.

You can find all bonus promotions run by XM from here.

Educated Support Team

There are hundreds of online Forex Brokers in the world though, unfortunately, not all of them have got fine supports provided to their clients.

Some of them do not respond at all, or some of them are very blunt. It is sometimes even hard to find a support staff that really helps you for your inquiry.

But XM is different.

You may email them or talk to them through online livechat, and you will see how XM has got educated and human support for multiple languages.

You shouldn’t be having problems for trouble-shooting, but you are always welcome to get in touch with their support team.

Having a helpful XM staffs to support your investment is very comfortable.

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