Ex-Dividend Day of “Goldman Sachs Inc” and “Teva Pharmaceutical” on MetaTrader4

February 27, 2017

Ex-Dividend Date of "Goldman Sachs Inc" and "Teva Pharmaceutical". Also CFD Expiring date of Sugar on MT4.

Ex-Dividend Day of “Goldman Sachs Inc” and “Teva Pharmaceutical” on MetaTrader4

Please note that there will be the “Ex-Dividend Day” of 2 major shares on MetaTrader4.

The Teva Pharmaceutical and Goldman Sachs Inc shares

On the Ex-Dividend Day, 27th of February 2017, Teva Pharmaceutical and Goldman Sachs shares CFD SWAP charges applied on all open positions will be adjusted as follows.

Share CFDs Short SWAP Long SWAP
Teva Pharmaceutical -34.68 23.12
Goldman Sachs -78 52

The above companies will trade EX-Dividend on the 28th February 2017.

CFD Swap Charges apply only to existing open positions. In case you do not have any open positions at the time above, then your trading account won’t be affected by this event.

No other financial instruments will be affected by this “Ex-Dividend Date”.

Sugar CFD Expiring

As the latest CFD expiring date, “Sugar CFD” on HotForex MT4 will be expiring on Tuesday (February 28th 2017) at 18:00 GMT.

This will affect all existing open positions of the product on HotForex MT4, and these positions will be executed at the last available market price and will be closed.

Please note that no positions will be rolled over to the next contract on HotForex MT4 after CFD Contract expiration.

If you wish to continue trading Sugar CFD on HotForex MT4, then you may re-open positions after the above date.

For more information or inquiries, please contact HotForex support team.

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