“ECN Broker Atiora” in St. Vincent & Grenadines: Are they safe?

November 10, 2016

Let's review the service of Lovely ECN Forex Broker Atiora.

“ECN Broker Atiora” in St. Vincent & Grenadines: Are they safe?

Atiora, is an online Forex & CFD broker based in St. Vincent & Grenadines, founded in 2015.

Its catch phrase is:

Lovely ECN Forex Broker

It is relatively a new Forex broker, and you don’t find many reviews or users of the broker comparing to other mega-brokers though, let us share some of our reviews of this Forex broker.

Atiora’s main language is Russian


Atiora has their own registered office in St. Vincent & Grenadines, actually it is a PO box though, its their main language seems to be Russian.

All new updates are made in Russian, and some terms and conditions are available only in Russian too.

The language will be then translated to other languages later on.

Well, its doesn’t matter where the main office is located, as Atiora Markets Ltd is a registered company in St. Vincent & Grenadines.

If you reside in Russia, you may be able to visit their office to see how the broker’s staffs are.

ECN with No Trading Restrictions


ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network, and Atiora strives to offer ECN execution environment to all clients.

With Atiora, you can trade over 70 Forex & CFDs through MT4.

Most importantly:

there is no restrictions on its trading platform.

Atiora allows any kind of trading methods on its trading platforms including Scalping, Hedging, Expert Advisers, News Time Trading, Swap Trading etc.

This is one very important condition that proves Atiora is actually offering STP/ECN trading environment.

Atiora’s spread and bonus promotions are very reasonable as an ECN broker too.

Standard Trading Costs by Atiora

Atiora offers services with very low costs comparing to other STP/ECN Forex brokers.

As Atiora only makes profits from the spread(or trading commissions) which traders pay, so the spread cost isn’t something like 0.0 – 0.5 pips like some Forex brokers with dealing-desk.

The minimum trading cost of Atiora MT4 is from 0.0 pip with only 8 USD per 1 lot commissions.

The average trading cost of STP/ECN Forex brokers is around 1 pip or more.

If you join Atiora’s bonus promotions, you can trade with even lower spread.

Forex Trading Contests every Month

Contest on demo account powered by ECN Forex broker ATIORA quarter champion

Atiora offers mainly three types of bonus promotions which are:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Loyalty Point Program
  • Forex Trading Contest

You can join all of these promotions as you like.

Many of these bonuses and contest rewards are available for withdrawal, with conditions of course. Normally, by trading the required trading lots, you can withdraw all bonuses to your bank account.

Positive Reviews of Atiora

Atiora is surely a new Forex broker, and many Forex traders maybe wondering if the broker is a fine one or simply a SCAM type of broker.

In fact, Atiora has been acquiring quite positive reviews from users since 2015.

As the brokers states in the official website, there is no trading restrictions on the platforms and the broker has been processing withdrawals very smoothly.

This maybe not much of a information though, yet we can recommend this Forex broker currently.

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