easyMarkets launches New Trading App for Mobile Phones

April 26, 2017

New Trading App for Mobile Users!

easyMarkets launches New Trading App for Mobile Phones

easyMarkets, CySEC licensed FX Broker, is happy to announce that the broker has launched the brand-new trading app today!

This fast, simple and easy trading app makes easyMarkets’ trading seamless and fluid enough to integrate with your everyday life.

easyMarkets trading platform is a simplified online trading platform for currencies, metals, oil, commodities and indices. You can use the app to make trading an integrated part of your everyday life.
☆easyMarkets (then easy-forex) launched the world’s first web based forex trading platform in 2001.

The features of easyMarkets App

The main features of this App is as follows:

Price Notification – You can get 24/7 alerts on important price changes even when the app is closed.
Deal Cancellation – If the market goes against you, undo the trade within the first 60-minutes, and get your margin back (for a small fee).
Excellent Trading Conditions – easyMarkets guarantees no slippage, guaranteed stop loss, negative balance protection and fixed spreads.
Inside Viewer – You can view the percentage of easyMarkets buy and sell trades on your chosen asset.
Real Time Graphs – You can access 4 different types of graphs with all the functionalities of the platform.
Financial Calendar & Market News – You can find current and future economic indicators and monitor the latest market news before placing any trade.
Funding & Withdrawal – You will have quick access within the application to deposit or withdraw funds from your account.
Market Explorer – You can look for your favorite trading assets with a quick search & type.

Where & How can I get the app?

The app is available on App store for iOS, and Google Play for android.

Go to each Online Store, and search for “easyMarkets”. Then you will see the Trading App within the matches of the search result.

Now, simply download and login to your existing account to resume trading.

If you do not have an easyMarkets account, you can easily open one through the app.

easyMarkets Official Website

123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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