Donald Trump’s inauguration today, January 20th. Are you ready for the event?

January 20, 2017

Donald Trump’s inauguration as 45th US President - Today, 20 January 2017.

Donald Trump’s inauguration today, January 20th. Are you ready for the event?

We expect investors to be on the lookout for any comments on two key subjects: his fiscal and regulatory policies.

A confirmation that he plans to follow through with his pre-election rhetoric and push massive fiscal stimulus through Congress, as well as easing regulatory burdens, could reignite the post-election USD rally.

However, if he avoids these crucial topics once again, or if his stance towards them seems less confident than pre-election, the latest pullback in USD could continue.

*All trading involves risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

What happens in the financial markets?

When there is an important new release, comment or political/economic event, the market price can extremely change due to his/her one word.

Today’s inauguration of Donald Trump, is one big political event everyone is monitoring. If you can see his live speech online, you may want to focus on his comments.

The US market can go up or down, either way please be aware of following situation in financial markets.

High Volatility in Market Prices

Due to expected low liquidity in the market(as in less number of investors trade during the event), the market price can move very quickly.

In the Forex market, some market prices can move a few hundred pips in a moment.

You should be careful of re-quotes, order rejections and slippages with this situation.

Wider Spread

If there is no enough liquidity, the number of available market prices will be also less.

The low liquidity can also cause wider spread in the market. As the same time, the possibility of slippage will also gets higher during the event.

Please be aware that your trading cost can be extremely higher during the event.

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