Do you know What is Black Wednesday? and How to prepare for such an Event?

June 14, 2017

Reasons to choose FXPro as your broker.

Do you know What is Black Wednesday? and How to prepare for such an Event?

Black Wednesday – Slang term for September 16, 1992, when George Soros broke the Bank of England, earning himself over $1 billion while causing the British government to withdraw the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

As the event caused a great impact to financial markets, it is also referred as “Pond Crisis” or “White Wednesday” in different countries.

The event like this or the most recent reference for you would be the “Swiss Shock”, can influence more than you expected.

It can shut-down a Bank or financial companies, cause huge loss to investors or some markets could be even not functional to be traded on.

So how do you prepare for such an event?

You can do:

  • Not invest at all
  • Hedge your positions
  • Place insurance on your funds

But, one thing you can already do today is:

Choose the Broker with Financial Stability & Trustworthy Business

So the broker can hold still through any financial crisis and process investors’ trades without any interruptions or manipulations.

For this topic, FXPro can be deemed as a preferable broker.

FXPro has:

  1. Over 10 years of experience
  2. Over 150 employees all over the world
  3. Over 540,000 live trading account to take care of
  4. No major complains or troubles with traders at all
  5. Fair STP/ECN trading execution for all trading platforms

As a Mega European FX Broker, they have earned “Trust” from over a half million traders with excellent service history.

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