Disney World Is Working on a Foot Tracking Tech – Can You Walk the Walk?

August 2, 2016

Disney will set up "camera-wielding robot" to watch you and analyze you.

Disney World Is Working on a Foot Tracking Tech – Can You Walk the Walk?

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Just when you think that everything that can be invented has been invented and that human innovation has reached its limits, you hear that Disney World is testing a foot tracking technology. Yep, that’s right.

Disney will use a web of cameras and sensors that could monitor park’s guests by their shoes. The patent isn’t completely out in the open yet, but according to rumors it might incorporate a camera-wielding robot. It seems that the first foot shape will be captured by a foot sensor (yes, there is such a thing) and the first foot appearance will be captured by a camera. The foot-tracking data will then be matched with information, such as the guest’s name, place of residence and ride, Disney character or even favorite food. We’re not sure if that’s ingenious or creepy, but hey – why not both?

Such data can be extremely handy to any company, especially one that deals with pleasing and entertaining the crowd. It will help in identifying visitors’ preferences and behavior, the most popular attractions and even allow the company to recognize the interests of different age groups, or people from different locations.

Of course, Disney claims that the technology will only be used to offer visitors a customized experience. If you’re worried about the possible loss of privacy, keep in mind that it’s not going to be used anytime in the near future. It might also be just another one of Disney’s exploration of new possibility; patented, but never put into practical use.

Disney has already invested $1 billion in its MagicBand project: Colorful bracelets that have a RFID chip and a radio. Alongside with the “My Disney Experience” online planner, these bracelets enable visitors to enter their hotel rooms or the park as well as to purchase food and merchandise by tapping the wristband’s sensors. Pretty cool, right? Visitors can even connect their MagicBand with their FastPass+, another nifty invention that allows Orlando’s Disney World visitors to save the long lines by registering in advance through an app or at kiosks.

It’s clear that Disney is willing to invest big in technology. Will it allow it to stay as big as it is in the future and overcome competitors? At iFOREX you can learn how to invest in the price of Disney shares, as well as in many other shares, and take advantage of market opportunities.

Original Source: iForex Blog

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