Did you know who is the Largest MT4 Broker acknowleged by MetaQuotes?

April 27, 2017

XM do not settle. We grow on pushing ourselves to give clients new innovative products month by month. We have no limits in providing excellence.

Did you know who is the Largest MT4 Broker acknowleged by MetaQuotes?

The name of XM has been know by many traders now, as the broker gains more popularity over the years.

XM’s success doesn’t just come from luck, but the broker certainly has got many great service conditions to offer.

XM as the Largest MT4 broker

According to XM’s recent announcement, the broker has been recognized as the “Largest MT4 Broker” by MetaQuotes.

As MetaQuotes is the developer of MetaTrader4 trading platform, the fact should be true without no doubts.

Now that XM has nearly 1 million FX traders to offer the service to, the broker can surely be recognized as one of the Largest financial brokers in the world.

Why XM?

There are hundreds of FX brokers in the world though, XM’s success is exceptional.

What makes XM so successful and the largest MT4 broker on earth?

There are many reasons to choose XM as your FX broker though, let us introduce 5 main advantages of XM here.

  1. No Troubles in the past 8 years.
  2. Low Trading Cost.
  3. Educated & Helpful Customer Support.
  4. Gorgeous Bonus Promotions.
  5. Better Trading Conditions(Leverage, Trading Server etc).

Above 5 advantages are not some promotional reasons, but you can see the difference when you compare them with other FX brokers.

Find out more about the service of Largest MT4 Broker!

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